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Wellcome to the website of Research Unit for Natural Product Tecnology (BPTBA) LIPI. We are part of Indonesia governmental research division (Indonesian Institute of Science) focussing on food, feed and natural resources.

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Research Field

Research Group on Feed Bio-additive

The availability -quantity and quality- of feed stock is the major factor determining the success of poultry and ruminants farming. The main constraints in the provision of animal feed is the difficulty of providing raw materials and low levels of nutrients in raw materials.

Research Group on Processes Technology of Local Food

Food products developed by LIPI comes from local agricultural foodstuffs including tubers, vegetable source of protein (beans) and seaweed. Tubers are food sources of carbohydrates.

Research Group on Natural Materials Technology

Environment and natural materials program includes several activities of which are the development of an environmentally friendly alternative energy-based biomass as well as the development of various new and renewable energy sources.

BPTBA Overview

Research Unit for Natural Product Technology -Yogyakarta, (BPTBA LIPI Yogyakarta), formerly named Technical Implementation Unit for Development of Chemical Engineering Processes (UPT BPPTK) is an echelon III unit at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences under the Deputy of Engineering Sciences (IPT) LIPI. The change of the name is a part of reorganization that aims to extend the duties and functions in the field of research so coverage more comprehensive activities, not only limited to the development but also basic research. Reorganization from BPPTK to BPTBA becomes effective since February 25, 2016 by the Rule no 6 of LIPI Director. BPTBA LIPI located on Jl Yogyakarta - Wonosari KM 31.5 Gading, Playen, Gunung Kidul, D.I.Yogyakarta.

The history of the BPTBA LIPI Yogyakarta began on June 26, 1983 with the establishment of Pilot Station for Development and Manufacture of Cattle Feed (SPPT - BMCT), Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). Formation SPPT-BMCT aims to meet the needs of ruminant feed particularly in Gunung Kidul and the surrounding areas. The activity featured in this pilot station is a research about mixed feed for cattle. Another unit of SPPT LIPI is located in Gunungsempu, Kasihan, Bantul, D.I.Yogyakarta which focus on the processing of tofu and tempeh. This was formed based on the cooperation of KOPTI and LKN LIPI.

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Recent Works and Publications

About LIPI

LIPI is a Governmental Research Center in Indonesia coordinated by Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology
  • Chairman of LIPI
  • Vice Chairman of LIPI
    • Inspectorate
    • Research Center for Development of Science and Technology
    • Development, Education and Training Researchers
  • Executive Secretary
    • Bureau for Organization and Human Resources
    • Bureau for Financial Planning
    • Bureau for Cooperation, Legal, and Public Relations
    • Bureau for General Affair
  • Earth Sciences
    • Geotechnology
    • Oceanography
    • Limnology
    • Metalurgy and Material
    • Deep Sea
    • Bitung Marine Life
    • Biak Marine Life
    • HRD Oceanography
    • Marine Bio Industry
    • Mining Engineering
    • Mining and Mitigation
    • Earth Conservation
    • Tual Marine Life
    • Lake Restructuring Technology Transfer
  • Life Sciences
    • Biology
    • Biotechnology
    • Bogor Botanical Garden
    • Biomaterial
    • Cibodas Botanical Garden
    • Purwodadi Botanical Garden
    • Bali Botanical Gardens
  • Engineering Sciences
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Informatics
    • Electrical Power and Mechatronics
    • Electronics & Telecommunication
    • Appropriate technology
    • Natural Materials Technology
    • Minerals Technologies
    • Clean Technology
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
    • Society and Culture
    • Economics
    • Population
    • Politics
    • Regional Resources
  • Scientific services
    • Metrology
    • Quality Systems and Testing Technology
    • Scientific Documentation & Information
    • Innovation Center
    • Instrumentation Development
    • Technology Information
    • LIPI Press
  • LIPI Website

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Research Unit for Natural Product Technology - LIPI

Announcement of BPTBA LIPI

Sistem Penilaian Angka Kredit Peneliti Nasional

LIPI sebagai instansi pembina Jabatan Fungsional Peneliti di Indonesia meluncurkan layanan online untuk melakukan penilaian angka kredit para peneliti. Layanan tersebut bisa diakses melalui

Call for Paper: ICONPROBIOS-2017

Research Unit for Natural Product Technology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (BPTBA LIPI) is pleased to be able to invite you to “The International Conference on Natural Products and Bioresource Science 2017”.
ICONPROBIOS 2017 will be held on October 23-24, 2017 at Balai Kartini (Convention Center), Jakarta, Indonesia, by carrying the theme “Natural Products for Sustainable Life”. Follow this link for further info.

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